Dental SEO Marketing & Expert Services

What is dental seo and how it works?

Simply put seo for dentists is the process of promoting your website on the internet to manipulate the search engine (Google/Bing/Yahoo) rankings. This is usually done through a large variety of efforts which we will cover below.

How search engine optimization for dental practices brings in more patients?

When your website is built in a way that tells the search engines exactly what it is about. Your website pages have to be built around the services you are providing and contain all the related search queries which your future customer might use to find your service or dental practice. This will account for ON-PAGE search engine optimization.

Additionally what is necessary is to submit your accurate business information to all the major relevant directories. Publish press releases and articles which your local audience will read and link back to your website. Linking back to your website can be done also from other relevant websites. This is what you can consider as OFF-PAGE optimization. Which is much more intricate process that can be covered at this time.

All of these elements combined will tell all the major search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo that your website is relevant to what your future customers are searching for. And will also show that other websites are linking back to your web property. Which in summary will increase your rankings in all of the major search engines.

Since first result usually gets one third of all the visitors. You now understand how important it is to build up and promote your asset.

If your website will get more visitors who are interested in your services, it will equate with increased number of new patients.

How long does seo for dentists usually take?

There are number of factors to consider here like:

  • If there are other companies doing dental seo for your competition it will be significantly harder to outrank them for the same keyword.
  • Authority websites like Yelp&Angieslist or other well established websites often show that it is difficult to rank for a small business for the same keyword. But certainly not impossible.
  • If you are starting to do search engine optimization for your dental practice only now, while you competition has been doing it for years. It might be difficult to get traction. This is why it is important to start as soon as possible because the trend shows that customer loyalty is dying and online promotion is becoming the dominating force which determines if your dental practice will be resilient against the competition.

How many months to see your dental website on page one? Usually it takes 6+ months for weaker websites and less if you have done seo for your dental website before. Since Google / Bing / Yahoo are determined to make money and improve user experience. They are always upgrading their ranking algorithm. This means that SEO for dentists is a continuous process which involves improving your website internally and promoting it externally across the web.

SEO for dentists explained!

On-Page SEO for dental websites

These are a number of factors which you can check if your dental website is optimized and set up correctly.

  1. Are the keywords on your pages used in headings, meta data, page content, picture alt texts & titles.
  2. Are all variations of the keywords your customers use actually used.
  3. Is your dental website optimized for mobile devices?
  4. Do all of your pages contain relevant content for your customer.
  5. Is it easy for your customer to find the answer they are looking for. i.e contact number, prices, services or a patient application form.
  6. Have you set up Google search console and analytics correctly.
  7. Are you tracking how many visitors you are getting from your advertising efforts and how many you are getting from your organic rankings?

Off-Page SEO for dental websites

There are numerous ways you can promote your dental website on the web to increase its search engine rankings. Here is a list of some which you can do yourself without hiring the an agency.

  1. Submit your business to local directories
  2. Ask dentistry or your location related websites to link back to your websites through relevant and unique high quality promotional content.

For the most part off-page dental seo is so time and resource consuming that business owners cant afford to do it themselves. This is why they outsource this service to companies like us which have all the necessary skills to do it with high efficiency.

I did SEO for my dentistry but I cant get to first position

It is quite common for your website rankings to fluctuate. The reason for this is that other websites are competing for the same position in the search engines for a given keyword. And Google / Bing / Yahoo actually monitor how the website visitor interacts and what he or she does.

Meaning if for some reason users find your competitors website more appealing both aesthetically and in terms of information than yours. Their website will eventually outrank you regardless of how much you invest in your dental seo services.

This is why it is important to play the conversion rate optimization game with your website.

You also need to keep in mind that if your competitors have invested years in building their online assets and its authority. And you will be the last person to jump on the train, then your expectations might need to be lowered regardless what any digital agency promises.

This is why it is essential to start before your competition.

How dental seo experts usually help businesses?

Our experts who specialize in doing seo for dental practices work to achieve our clients specific goals. That is our primary objective.

Here is a compressed checklist of the process we go through:

  1. Initial strategy session to discover how well our client is doing and what are their expectations.
  2. Agree that SEO for their dental practice is the best option to go with. Sometimes it might be paid advertising or social media marketing.
  3. We do a competitive market analysis to see which other dental websites are competing for the same keywords. This will allow us to allocate our efforts to guarantee faster results.
  4. We perform on-site optimization for our clients current website.
  5. We create other websites which will also compete for the same keywords and give our clients the ability to rank multiple properties for the same keyword.
  6. We start our off-site seo for dental websites to rank for specific keywords we have designated prior.
  7. We monitor search engine rankings.
  8. At this point we will integrate paid advertising and social media marketing to our clients online marketing strategy.

Since we work with only one client in a given area. Our ideal objective is total market domination for our client.

Additionally to dental seo expert services and paid promotional methods we give invaluable insights on where the digital marketing trend is going and how our clients can stay ahead of their competition.

How to choose dental seo company?

There are multiple factors which you need to consider before finding the best dental seo marketing company or agency to work with.

Since SEO is a long project which usually takes up to a year in competitive markets like dental clinics.

You need to forget that it is possible to provide an expert dental seo marketing service for only couple of hundred of dollars per month.

More often your investment into digital promotional services like search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising or social media marketing will bring much higher return on investment than any anything else.

If you want to increase the amount of patients you are getting as soon as possible you should consider paid advertising to generate new customers for your dental practice.

Anatomy of successful digital dental seo marketing

There are multiple ways you can measure your search engine optimization success. Generally it is quite straight forward. But most companies and consultants who provide dental seo services seem to neglect mentioning these things. In most cases because SEO is very difficult.

  1. Compare the number of visitors to your website before and after you started actively doing seo for your dental website. This can be done in intervals of one month and registered through Google analytics.
  2. Compare how well you ranked for certain keywords before you started working with a dental seo company. And where you are at after 6 months.
  3. How much money did you spend on your dental seo marketing services and how it correlates to actual revenue generated. All of this can be seen through google analytics conversion tracking. This will show you exactly your return on investment.

We at 410 Media have set a benchmark of 10x ROI. Meaning $1000/month in SEO investment for your dental website will correlate with $10,000 in increased revenue.  This can vary based on competition, but this is our ideal goal when ranking our clients.

I hope you got a good understanding on why dental seo marketing is important and is becoming more prevalent each year.

You can contact us for a free initial strategy session to discover how and if we can help grow your dental practice.