Plastic Surgeon Marketing SEO & PPC

How to get more cosmetic surgery patients with search engine optimization & pay-per-click marketing.

Plastic Surgery MarketingIn 2016 alone $16.4 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures alone. This was total of 1,780,987 cosmetic surgery procedures.

Statistics taken from american society of plastic surgeons.

In the competitive industry such as plastic surgery online marketing is becoming the go-to option to gain a competitive advantage. Most common methods of cosmetic surgery marketing involve doing online advertising like:

  • Designing an aesthetically superb plastic surgeon website design and doing seo for it. Which is ranking it higher in all the major search engines.
  • Additional method to get more plastic surgery patients is to use ppc (pay-per-click advertising).

Just like in any other business marketing plays a vital role in the survival and growth of your practice.

Each year the trend shows that businesses like cosmetic surgeons need to rely even more on new and effective online marketing tips, ideas & strategies. Which involves working with digital marketing companies and consultants.

Now it has become a fact that old advertising mediums such as radio, print ads, phone books, directories, etc. are becoming less effective.

The main reason is that more people depend on the internet and search engines to find the products and services they want.

Old plastic surgery business plans which involved using traditional advertising methods have low ROI (Return On Investment) and bring in unqualified leads, mostly because ads are not targeted to the right audience.

Using online marketing & advertising solves this problem by placing

Plastic Surgery Statistics

your ads directly to the person who is looking for your exact services. This might be rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, face-lift or any other type of cosmetic surgery.

Perfect targeting guarantees you will get the customer you actually want.

In this article we will cover all the methods of online marketing for plastic surgeons such as seo, ppc & social media marketing. How you can implement them to find new patients and retain existing ones.

As you know cosmetic plastic surgery sales cycle usually takes months. Patients can weigh all of their options and doctors for months or even years before fina

lly committing to a procedure.

This is why it is essential to position your plastic surgery practice through well designed online marketing strategies.

Your practice must create initial brand awareness where you educate and connect with your future customers in order to earn their business.

This is why it is best that your practice is the first one they will contact. This is where 410 Media can help.

Below are the essential online marketing strategies which are relevant for 2018 and years to come.

Digital marketing tips, ideas & strategies

Here is a list of tips, ideas or strategies you as a cosmetic surgeon might consider adopting or improving on to differentiate yourself from competition.

Even though some might seem obvious, they can play a big role between your website visitor choosing you over competing plastic surgeon across the town.

  1. Brand yourself as an expert in your field.
  2. Design a best looking website
  3. Do local seo
  4. Get as many online reviews and testimonials as possible
  5. Promote your business through videos
  6. Be active on social media
  7. Do paid search advertising
  8. Build an audience by creating an email list
  9. Promote more offers to existing customers
  10. Promote your practice by doing publications and press releases
  11. Provide short consultations. Virtual or in the office

Here is a short list of ideas you should consider when talking to your marketing agency.

Selecting best plastic surgery marketing consultant

You first need to agree on what you want to achieve. What service you actually need to generate cosmetic surgery more patients. This might be search engine optimization, paid advertising or social media marketing.

Consultants need to find out what is needed to achieve your marketing goals.

You might not necessarily need social media marketing initially. It all depends on your short-term and long-term objectives.

Design Best Plastic Surgery Website

Plastic & cosmetic surgery industry demands beautiful websites. A good plastic surgeon website design is your asset. In some businesses it is even more important than an actual physical office.

It conveys your value and why they should chose you. Its beauty should convey the sense of beauty that’s part of your service.

But the most important part is to be built to rank in the search engines and be well suited to run paid advertising campaigns. Lead generation and converting visitors into new patients should still remain as the most important role.

Plastic Surgery SEO

How to grow your cosmetic surgery practice with search engine optimization

Here is the truth which will convince you that hiring a plastic surgery seo company will allow you to outpace your competition.

6,586,013,574 online searches a day worldwide

This is an approximation of how many new visitors each search result gets. This means that seo for plastic surgeons is as important as any other promotional method. Beating your competition in the organic search results is the most important part when it comes to doing marketing for your cosmetic surgery practice.

Plastic Surgery SEO results

One of your main goals should be to appear at least on the first page for all your major service related keywords. When people are looking to do some form of plastic surgery they generally click on the first result, which gives you the ability to be the first one they call.

Additionally it is important to have ranked first in the Google My Business results. And have a lot of positive reviews. This will make you stand out and give a better first impression.

Plastic Surgery SEO Google


Search engine optimization for plastic surgeons helps:

  • Increase the amount of new visitors your website will get by improving your ranking in Google / Yahoo / Bing.
  • Grow your presence in local business directories and rank higher in Google My Business.
  • Ensure that you are ranking for the right area and all of the right keywords.
  • Convert visitors into paying customers by optimizing your website visually.

We at 410 media work with our clients so they can outrank all of their competition.

Before we agree on the seo strategy for your plastic surgery clinic, we do extensive research. We analyze all the competitors and what is needed to outrank them.

Once we have fully understood your local market and where you stand currently. We agree on the goal and create a custom search engine marketing strategy for your cosmetic surgery clinic.

Plastic Surgery PPC

Get more new cosmetic surgery patients with pay-per-click advertisement.

As a plastic surgeon, PPC may be the right way to increase the number of new patients you will get from the web. Our pay-per-click advertising strategies target people interested in your services which converts into new leads and business.

At 410 Media we don’t focus on traffic and clicks, but rather we focus on customer acquisition.

Advantages of using PPC for plastic surgeons

PPC advertising is sponsored listings at the top of search engine results.

Plastic Surgeon PPC Rhinoplasty ad

When plastic surgeons use ppc and together with search engine optimization. It gives them a significant competitive advantage on the digital landscape. This means you will get more exposure and higher percentage of visitors. Which directly corresponds to higher amount of new customers.

Here is how ppc advertising works:

  • You pay search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing only if someone clicks on your ad.
  • Your ads are targeting people who look exactly for your service in your specific area.
  • Sponsored listings appear in search engines for the specific service you want to promote.
  • You can change the type of service you are targeting or target a specific region.

PPC advertising is an effective way for cosmetic surgeons to reach a larger audience in their market who might not be aware of their clinic. This type of approach generates new patients for your practice by converting web traffic into new leads.

Creating an effective PPC campaign for plastic surgeons

To have an effective PPC campaign it is more work than it may appear initially. It involves setting up analytics, conversion tracking, A/B testing landing pages, re-targeting, optimizing your funnel, testing different traffic sources, etc.

The main benefit of having a well structured PPC campaign, is that you can see how your funnel and website performs. Additionally you will see precise ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending) which will allow you to make data driven decisions.

i.e How much you need to spend to acquire a new rhinoplasty patient.

We provide our clients with monthly reports and performance statistics. Number of leads, cost-per-acquisition and a slew of other key performance indicators.

Our goal with each campaign we do for plastic surgeons is to maximize ROI and generate most revenue for each of our clients.

To see how well your current pay-per-click campaign is performing request a free consultation and PPC audit.

Social media marketing for plastic surgeons

Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. to get more cosmetic surgery patients.

Using social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest for small businesses like plastic surgeons is now a standard practice.

At 410 Media our objective is to use social media for branding, building authority and ultimately attracting new cosmetic surgery patients.

Plastic Surgeon Facebook Ad

Using social media is a simple for to attract visitors and interest to your practice. Most people head about promotions through social media accounts they follow. Additionally platforms like Facebook allow users to get to know people behind the procedures and treatments offered.

It is effective to post and engage existing and potential patients on both Facebook and Instagram alike. There are others which can be effective, but these are most effective in terms of engagement.

Plastic Surgeon Instagram Ad

Social Media Marketing Tips & Strategies For Plastic Surgeons

Here are useful things to keep in mind:

  • Focus of every post does not have to be about you and selling your services. You can share content from other credible sources like facts, articles, viral content and relevant studies.
  • Highlight how awesome your practice is without directly promoting your services.
  • Don’t make every post about visiting your website. The main reason is that people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are less inclined to purchase. Especially such an important service such as lets say breast augmentation.
  • Consider offering free incentives for “Liking” your posts. For example certain products or consultations.
  • When it comes to using Twitter for plastic surgeons. Start by following leaders in your industry.

Social media marketing for plastic surgeons does not always correlate with an intent to become a new patient. But it does help in the long term to generate new patients.

There is also no reason to be active on all social media channels, which can be quire resource consuming. Generally success in social media is reflected in engagement and real life interest in your practice and cosmetic surgery services you offer.

As you might imagine, social media platforms are not disappearing any time soon. This is why it is important to start before your competition and start building an audience in your local area.

To know more about prices and how we can help your plastic surgery clinic with social media marketing call us or send us an email.

Video marketing for plastic surgeons

Plastic surgery marketing using Youtube and other video channels.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines currently in existence. This means having online reviews and ranking videos for specific keywords will help you attract more patients for your cosmetic surgery services.

Engaging and informative videos on YouTube can showcase your services and always be “in the picture”. It is very effective to post latest testimonials, reviews of how successful and live-changing procedures were.

Since people generally don’t want spend even five minutes reading, video is a great way to showcase your services and build an audience.

Here are some statistics you should consider before starting video marketing for your plastic surgery practice:

  • Video in emails can boost click-through-rates by up to 300%.
  • Using video sales letters or embedding them on landing pages can increase conversion rates up to 90%
  • Mobile video consumption growth is estimated to be 100% per year.
  • 64% of customers are more likely to purchase after watching a positive video review of the product or service.
  • One third of the time people spend watching videos online.
  • Video ads account for over one third of all the ad spending online.
  • 59% of company decision makers instead of reading would rather watch a video.

To know more on how video marketing can help grow your plastic surgery practice. Contact us for a free consultation.

Plastic Surgery Logo Design

A good way to develop your brand is to have a memorable identity and a logo design. Logo needs to represent your brand, clinic or practice just in a glance.

If you are looking for a new logo or re-branding we would recommend visiting 99 Designs. Or if you need help you can ask us over an email.


In summary I can say that social media is not going anywhere any.time soon. This means it is important to build up your brand now, because later may be just too late. Important factor to consider is to decide on the objective and allocate necessary resources to it.

If you want to learn how 410 Media can help your plastic surgery clinic with social media marketing. Call or email us for a free consultation.