Paid advertising solutions for Doctors

Google / Bing / Yahoo / Facebook / Linkedin / Pinterest / Native / Mobile / Twitter

Our goal is to get you 10x higher Click Through Rate on Google AdWords using our PPC optimisation, as well as 15% cheaper Cost Per Click. We will make it happen!

Our primary objective is to leverage all available advertising platforms to attract quality leads for your practice for the lowers Cost Per Lead.

This requires more than a simple advertising campaign. We will constantly monitor your and your competitors performance and optimize accordingly.

Paid advertising allows you to target the people who are looking for your services. Additionally re-targeting allows your ads to follow people who prior visited your website all over the internet.

This solution is the fastest way to attract new patients for your practice.

PPC Management
Google ads

Get your website to Page #1 in Google / Yahoo / Bing

SEO is a promotional method which allows you to rank your website in the organic listings

Search Engine Optimization is a promotional method which helps your website rank higher in the organic listings. Our main objective is to rank you to positions 1-3 for all of your main service related keywords.

It is a long process and a difficult strategy but having your website outranking your competition can make or break businesses. It is something to consider if you growing your practice for the next 1-2 years.

Having your website on page one for all of your services related keywords will guarantee that all the people searching Google / Yahoo / Bing will find you before any of your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Build an audience and become a established and an authoritative brand in your area.

Social Media is not not disappearing anywhere any time soon. Social media allows to establish your brand identity and engage with your existing patients.

It will allow you to engage with your audience and establish a relationship. Sharing content and knowledge will build trust and confidence in the eyes of your audience.

This will let existing patients to refer their friends and for them to schedule their first visit.

Social Media Marketing